Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gas savers - more tips on saving gas and money

This morning I saw a news story on Yahoo! about people having to choose between gas and food. The story contained a link to an extensive list of gas saving and money saving tips, so I figured I'd list them here for everyone. Some of the tips that were repeats of the previous gas saver tips I left out to avoid duplication. Here they are:

  1. Walk. Save gas, save money, and get some exercise. If you are just going to the corner store, go for a walk.

  2. Get a gas card. Some gas stations offer discounts. There are also some department and grocery stores that offer discounts at the pump when you use their store membership cards. This can save you up 5% on gas costs. Just make sure the price of the gas, with the discount, is not more than the local discount gas station.

  3. Check the web for gas price deals. Some web sites let you find the best deals on gas in your area.

  4. Consolidate your trips. If you can do several short trips in one longer trip, you will save gas and time. Create a to-do list of all errands for a given day and try to do them in a logical order. If you need to, map it out to avoid going back and forth.

  5. Don't fill up until the last quarter tank. If you do this, it will help stretch your gas money because you are hauling less weight as the tank nears empty. This also allows you to buy gas when and where gas prices are lowest.

  6. Park in the first spot you find. When you wander all over the parking lot looking for that perfect parking space, you waste gas. SEE TIP NUMBER 1.

  7. Stay away from store fronts. Even if there is a space open there, avoid it. You will save gas by avoiding being blocked in because of pedestrians and other vehicles.

  8. Park in the shade. Gasoline will actually evaporate from your tank, and it does so faster when you park directly in the sun - winter or summer.

More Gas Saver Tips

A few other tips were more "hypothetical" but seemed worthwhile gas saving ideas as well, so I have included them.

  • The cheapest gas prices are statistically found on Wednesdays. Try to fill-up then.

  • Avoid rush hour. If you can stagger your work schedule to avoid it, great! If not, try going in early, and find a place to hang-out after work to wait out the traffic.

  • Gas up about three to four days before any holidays. This will save you money by avoiding the gas price spike.

  • Use a fuel injector cleaner regularly. This will save gas by allowing your car to properly vaporize the fuel and allow you to get better gas mileage.

If you can think of any more gas saving tips, please feel free to post a comment and share them.

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Anonymous said...

Great Gas-saving tips! I haven't seen some of these on the web. Interesting and logical (especially #8). I completely agree that It is definitely time that WE (The little guy consumer) stand up and fight against the Corporate Hogs. I posted a blog called "Saving Money: Water4Gas". It talks about how you can build a kit and make your car burn hydrogen and gas and dramatically boost your MPG! Awesome stuff! Thank God For Science!!