Friday, May 2, 2008

Four ways to save gas money

Prices at the gas pump are hitting record highs nearly every day and are expected to top the $4 mark this summer. Here are four ways to keep more cash in your pocket and not the let $80 fill-ups pump the fun out of your warm, sunny days.
  1. Find the lowest gas prices. That may sound like a no-brainer, but do you know how to find the cheapest gas in your area? Two web sites to consider are and GasBuddy connects you with more than 179 local web sites, one for each U.S. state, metro area or city. Gas prices are updated constantly over 124 million. Similarly, also also data from about 162,000 volunteer low gas price spotters, but it primarily collects pricing info directly from fuel providers and gas-station companies. By Memorial Day weekend, the site plans to roll out a certified pricing program, which will guarantee you a specific price if you get to the pump within one hour of seeing it on the site. Also, it offers a tool that allows you to track gas prices at specific stations along your regular routes.
  2. Time your gas purchase. The best time of day to fill up your tank is before dawn or late at night. Stations will usually raise gas prices during the day, especially for rush hour. Also, thinking about refilling earlier, when the gauge indicates a quarter-full tank. This leaves you some time to shop around for the best gas price. Finally, check that the price on the pump matches what's on the sign.
  3. Keep your car in healthy shape. We have already covered this, but it’s worth repeating --proper maintenance of your car will save you tons of money in gas and repair costs. Proper tire pressure is very important for good fuel economy. Every pound-per-inch under the manufacturer's recommendation for your tires loses you one mile per gallon per fill-up. Also, trim the excess luggage from your car, large loads impact cars much like mules -- weighing the vehicle down and making it harder to speed up.
  4. Get a gas rewards card. Carrying the right credit card can earn you rebates on gas purchases. One of the most popular rewards cards is the Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard. Using this card at your gas station earns you 5% cash back and 1% on all other purchases.

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